Jenny parked just a short distance from her place of employment. She gathered her things, exited her car and began the short walk to the entrance to begin her shift...

...the next time she is aware of her surroundings it is nearly three months later and what took place while she was "away" was nothing less than horrific.

Jenny contracted an extremely rare illness in March of 2013. It was 35 days before the diagnosed could be found. During this time her condition would change hour by hour and her family and friends were forced to stand by and helplessly watch as she deteriorated from a healthy and active 25-year-old woman, to someone who's physical and mental capacities resembled a newborn baby.

As if this wasn't enough, many times a day Jenny would be visited by what her family came to view as demons that would trigger unpredictable and nearly indescribable behavior as well as create frightening hallucinations for Jenny, and those around her, to endure. It is no exaggeration to say that Jenny appeared to have been possessed by the devil. Her mother and father learned a new definition of "a parent's worst nightmare" and could not escape it any more than she could.

Not even the doctors were able to help Jenny...or save her from the torment that the illness caused.

The Girl on the 6th Floor is a truly unique story about a rare and devastating illness; told from the perspective of Jenny's father while witnessing his child going through this odyssey. This book is an honest and detailed look at what took place day-by-day coping with a devastating illness. It reveals the fear and pain of a family, the compassion and dedication of medical professionals, and the difficulties all of them faced while dealing with something they didn't understand. Surprisingly, there is also some laughter along the way.

"...The book expresses such a myriad of emotions: love, fear, frustration, helplessness, hopefulness, protectiveness and trust, and at times such joy! All of these things were woven together to captivate the reader with a story they will find hard to put down. This book is an absolutely beautiful love story that is full of hope...that no matter how many curve balls are tossed to a long as they cling tight to each other they will get it through it."
Kathie Delude
Bunco Babes Book Club (Chicago, IL)

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"This is the first book I've read on the topic of encephalitis which is written from the perspective of a family member-caregiver...and it's excellent. Author Brian Nichols openly expresses the struggles and frustrations in dealing with his daughter's illness... a type of auto-immune encephalitis first identified in 2007.
The Nichols family and friends are a clear and beautiful demonstration of participatory medicine...a collaborative relationship where those closest to the patient team up with medical professionals and take a very active role in decisions and care of their loved one.
The author expresses situations so very clearly. His intimate sharing of the "hurry up and wait" frustrations experienced in an illness such as this draws the reader in to feel like a participant. The strength, stamina and perseverance of the caregivers in this book show the public exactly what it takes when a loved-one is touched by encephalitis.
I do highly recommend this book for anyone touched by auto-immune encephalitis...loved ones, caregivers and medical professionals."

Wendy Station, President
Encephalitis Global, Inc.